Introduction to Evolutionary Modeling
Master 2nd year Economics and Management of Innovation
Strasbourg University

Murat Yildizoglu
Bordeaux University

This course aims to introduce the students to a vision of the economy as a complex adaptive system, and to the agent-based evolutionary modeling of economic dynamics. The course also includes a practical introduction to a modeling platform (NetLogo) through two simple applications that will be developed by the students.
Students are invited to install NetLogo on their laptops.

Outline of the lectures
Chapter 0: Economy as a complex adaptive system (1h) - Handout
Chapter 1: How economics usually model the economy? (1h) - Handout
Chapter 2: Shortcomings of the standard approach and a potential alternative (2h) - Handout
Chapter 3: An introduction to NetLogo (6h) - Handout - Example's NetLogo program (Right-click, Save as)
Chapter 4: Application: routinized R&D behavior, innovation and industrial dynamics (Nelson & Winter, 1982) (5h) - Handout - NetLogo Program (Right-click, Save as)